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Open Source Ego Killer


Download Open Source Ego Killer

Download Open Source Ego Killer

Death is not frightening, for it would seem frightening to Socrates if indeed it was.

During the short breath of existence that we call life, a manis instinct provokes him to be loved, and if not loved to be admired, and if not admired to be respected, and if not respected to be feared, and if not feared to be hated.

Whitewashed from his bio necessities a man without EGO quietly awaits his ending to fulfill his destiny.

EGO Killer elevates the listener to a new level of awareness and reflects the overwhelming growth in popularity of highly emotional, melodic trance over its 80-minute journey. The unique melodies and abstract instruments combine to create a sentient musical dose of life-and-death bliss and allow you to explore the edges of consciousness.

1. Bad Habits (rmx)
2. Ego Killer
3. High Progressive
4. Too Weird To Live (Radio edit)
5. Sending My Signal (Radio edit)
6. Darkness Falls Across The Land(Radio edit)
7. Trance Anthem
8. Space Kablooie
9. Descent Into Hades

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